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Main Messages and Remedies




[TX failed due to error. Please check Job History.]

Redial was attempted the number of times specified, however, transmission failed because the recipient was busy or due to other reasons.

Check the recipient's state and then resend the fax.

[Unable to check sender.]

The machine failed to verify the recipient with Check Dest. & Send set to [ON].

Check that the recipient's fax number is correctly registered.

[Not enough memory to continue scanning. Send as much as scanned by pressing the [Send] key or press the [Delete] key.]

All the available space in the memory has been used up by document scanning.

Press the Start key to send document pages that have already been, then press the Stop key to abort the job.

[Transmission failed. Please check line connection.]

The modular cable may be disconnected.

Check the modular cable connection and, if unplugged, plug it in securely.

[Server connection error.]

(1) The network cable is not connected correctly.

(2) Under [Administrator Settings], [Network Settings] are not set correctly.

(1) Make sure that the network cable is correctly connected.

(2) Under [Administrator Settings], check that [Network Settings] are set correctly.

[Cannot select address for TX. Exceeded the maximum number of addresses allowed for broadcasting.]

The number of destinations specified exceeds the number possible for a broadcast transmission.

Reduce the number of broadcast destinations, or send the transmission in multiple batches.

[Document could not be saved in User Box. Insufficient HDD memory. Please check Job History.]

The hard disk is full.

Delete unnecessary data, then try saving the data again.

[The number of registered boxes has reached the maximum limit. No additional boxes can be created.]

The number of User Box that can be registered has reached the maximum number possible.

Delete unnecessary User Boxes then retry registration.

[The number of documents in the box has reached the maximum limit. No additional documents can be stored.]

The number of documents that can be saved in a User Box has reached the maximum number possible.

Delete unnecessary documents then retry registration.

[The number of programmed jobs has reached the maximum allowance. Please wait until a programmed job has been completed.]

The number of jobs that can be programmed has reached the maximum number possible.

Wait until a job has been completed, or delete a current job.